VMWare 6.7 and check_vmware_api.pl

Some notes for different version of VMWare that I’ve noticed.

Using version 6.0, the command below will work fine.

./check_vmware_api.pl -D datacenterHostname -H IP Address -u username -p password -l arguments

We recently got a VXRail running 6.7 and the same command structure didn’t work. We needed to update it to the following.

./check_vmware_api.pl -D datacenterHostname -H HOSTNAME.domain.com -u username@domain.com -p password -l arguments

I spent more time fiddling with this than I’d care to admit but hopefully you won’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

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  1. Hi
    I’m using vSphere 6.7 on vxrail and installed nagios core 4.

    VMware SDK 6.7 installed and it is connected

    Which plug-in I can use it Nagios monitoring for esxi

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